Different car parts perform different functions and the problem of one might lead to another problem of the other. The whole automotive assembly is composed of numerous car parts and automotive systems that are taken into one to perform as a unit. They are all interconnected with each other; If one of these parts or systems malfunctions it will make an automobile less of what it should be.

Take an alternator for instance, in particular the Honda alternator that is, when you hear the word alternator, the first thing that comes into mind would be something that has to do with electricity. Generally, an alternator is defined as a generator that is capable pf producing alternating current by converting mechanical energy to electrical energy using a rotating magnetic field. Historically, the alternator was first publicly demonstrated as a system in 1886 but only in 1891 when the first general practical electromechanical alternator was owned in a form of right for a certain period of time by a man named Nikola Tesla.

However, when alternators are used in automotive technology, it is no longer confined to its original definition as these alternators are used in automobiles to charge the battery and to power all the car's electric systems while the engine is running. Alternators or sometimes referred to as an alternating-current generator is an automobile's electrical system's chief source of power producing electricity by driving its shaft by the fan belt when the engine is turned on. Alternators convert the energy with the previously stated process, and after which, the energy is now channeled through diodes that alter it to direct current for the electrical system and for recharging the battery. Without a defective alternator, you can't expect your vehicle to perform the way you want it to be for your vehicle won't even start.

With the coming of stronger construction alternators such as the Honda alternator, they can now be turned at higher speed, allowing an automotive alternator to turn at twice engine speed and improving output when the engine is idling. These alternators are deemed to be more beneficial than direct-current generators by not using a communicator anymore and are also simpler, lighter and more rugged as compared to a DC generator.
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