A vehicle has an electrical system that carries power to several important auto parts such as headlights, the ignition coils, engine cooling fans and even other equipments like the radio which we have become accustomed to depend on. We all know that all of that power is coming from somewhere and many believe that the battery is the source. While it is true to some extent, much of the electrical energy needed by these various equipments actually come from the alternator.

The main function of the alternator is to convert power from the gasoline engine which drives you along the road, to electrical energy, keeping the battery in best condition. An alternator is composed of four basic parts — the rotor, the stator, the diode packs and the voltage regulator. The rotor is a magnet rotating around the stator; a stator is a core of iron wrapped with the copper wires. The rotor-stator pair simultaneously generates alternating current that would be converted then by the diode packs into direct current which can be used to charge the battery and power all other electrical components in the vehicle. The voltage regulator on the other hand is used to control and maintain the amount of voltage given off by the alternator.

So what happens when your GMC alternator goes bad? Do you think your vehicle would still be able to run if the alternator stops working? Yes, it would, because the battery has some reserve power in it, just enough to keep the engine running for a few minutes. But wha ift the reserve power runs out? Your vehicle will grind to a halt. Not only that, if your GMC alternator goes bad, your car's ignition system, electronic injection system, and other semi-electric auto systems would simply not work. That is why it is wise to take good care and to examine the condition of your GMC alternator every now and then.

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