The battery is considered as the heart of the vehicle's electrical system. But there must be something that would keep feeding the battery so that it won't lose its voltage and stop working. This job is performed by the charging system of the vehicle. The main component of the charging system is the alternator. It is responsible for generating and passing on electrical power to the battery and the rest of the vehicle's electrical load.

Automotive alternators, including Geo alternator is made up of a rotor, a stator, a set of brush, which is needed to sustain electrical contact with the rotor, and a pulley. To produce a voltage, the rotor spins inside the stator, which is a stationary looped conductor. The strength and polarity of the voltage depend upon the direction of the rotation, the magnetic field's strength, the number of conductors as well as the speed of the rotor housed in the stator. To maintain the current between 13 and 15 volts, alternators employed a voltage regulator.

Alternators replaced the generator's job in the vehicle. Among the reasons why most car manufacturers employed alternator is that it is capable of putting out a large current flow at low speed, voltage can be controlled more precisely via solid state regulators, alternators require less maintenance and they need lesser manufacturing cost.

To keep your Geo alternator in top working condition, there are some maintenance tips that must be followed. At every oil change, check the alternator's drive belt tension. It is because a loose belt can reduce the output of the alternator and can rundown the battery of your car. Before the travel season at every spring, it is always advisable to test your car's charging as part of a complete starting, charging, and battery test as well. Through this test, you'll know if your Geo alternator is displacing the right amount of voltage and current.

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