There are several likely reasons why your headlights are not working and one of them is an erratic stock Ford Focus Alternator. It will be awfully frustrating and risky to drive a car with a faulty alternator as electronic features, like, say, your AC unit and fog lights rely upon it for energy. To save some bucks, you may replace the Ford Focus Alternator without any help instead of shelling out for an auto mechanic. Refer to your vehicle's instruction manual to learn the specifications of the required replacement component for your exact model.

It could be difficult to detect a haywire Ford Focus Alternator since the car can still draw electricity from your batter Don't forget to remove your battery's negative cable wiring to prevent any injuries due to shock. There are many superbly manufactured replacement Alternators out there today, which will work properly in your system. Change the Ford Focus existing Alternator immediately otherwise, you will have to buy a new battery very soon.

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