Have you ever wondered what part of your vehicle is responsible for converting mechanical energy to electrical energy to keep your battery in excellent condition so that you can continuously drive smoothly? That mysterious thing which is a link between the gas tank and the battery is called the alternator. The main function of a Ford alternator is to generate alternating current in order to recharge the battery and to power the vehicle's electrical equipment. When the alternator is defective, it does not necessarily mean that your engine will stop running because the battery may still have some reserve power in it. But when all the power of the battery is consumed, your car is headed for a breakdown..

The Ford alternator assembly is composed of the following: drive frame cover, drive pulley, circulation vent, mounting ear, ID label, end frame cover, regulator, diode and brush cover, and alternator B+ output terminal. Aside from these, it is also consists of a rotor and a stator wherein the former is the rotating field winding while the latter is the stationary induction winding. It also has a diode assembly called the rectifier bridge, a voltage regulator as a control device, and two internal fans to promote air circulation. All these components are vital to the overall function of the alternator itself because each serve an important purpose. If one of these internal components fail, it is best to replace the alternator as a unit.

Since the alternator is a vital car component, it should be maintained and checked at all times. The best thing that you can do is to have your Ford alternator's drive belt tension inspected at every oil change. If your alternator's belt is loose, this can likely reduce the output of the alternator itself and run down your Ford vehicle's battery. Before travelling, see to it that you have your alternator tested as well as the whole charging system as a part of a complete starting, charging, and battery test. This comprehensive test will be able to determine if your Ford alternator is putting out the right amount of current and voltage. Thorough check and maintenance of your alternator will save you from more trouble like a discharged battery, frequent bulb replacement, poor accessory and light operation, repeat voltage regulator failures, irregular engine operation, or a dashboard warning light to illuminate.

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