Other than fuel and air, your engine needs a healthy spark and to achieve that, electricity is needed. Though the battery stores electricity, it isn't enough help sustain your vehicle and its electrical parts during distant travels; that's the reason the Dodge W100 Pickup alternator is used.

By using a functioning alternator, your battery is charged constantly hence there is no reason to worry about lack of energy and at the same time activating most of the automotobile's essential electrical parts. If this auto component gets flawed, you definitely will encounter difficulties that are as mild as inconvenience or as severe as getting stuck along the road with a vehicle that fails to start; so the moment your alternator starts to act up, troubleshoot the problem straight away to find out if it necessitates fix or replacement. A safety measure though - Dodge W100 Pickup sure the engine has completely cooled down before you decide to service the alternator.

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