There are many probable reasons why tail lights are not working and one is a malfunctioning stock Dodge Stratus Alternator. It will be really frustrating and unsafe to drive an automotive with a failed alternator as electric devices, say, like, your AC unit and fog lights depend on it for energy. To save big cash, you may swap the erratic Dodge Stratus Alternator without any help instead of paying for an auto mechanic. Refer to your vehicle's guidebook to find out the specs of the required replacement component for your specific make and model.

It can be difficult to diagnose a busted Dodge Stratus Alternator because your car could still consume electricity from the battery Don't forget to disconnect the battery's negative cable to prevent any injury caused by electric power shock. There are many high-quality aftermarket alternators out there today, which will work perfectly in your ride. Change your Dodge Stratus Alternator quickly otherwise, you will need to get a brand-new battery much sooner.

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