Part of your vehicle's charging system is the Dodge Sprinter alternator that creates electrical power that various components need to function. Made for many Dodge Sprinter models, the alternator creates electrical power out of mechanical power. Almost all of electrical parts lean on the function originating from the alternator.

Steady large voltage is produced by Dodge Sprinter alternators. The crankshaft belt connects to a pulley system, typically called the rotor. Electric power is created by the movements of the crankshaft belt in front of the conductor. The alternating electric current is monitored by the power regulator. To change the alternating current into direct current, diodes are used. This direct current now moves to the battery and other electrical components. Your vehicle could still run even when the alternator fails; that's why it is tricky to detect if the alternator has issues. Rebuilding the Dodge Sprinter alternator can be performed in case you desire to save more.

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