Besides air and fuel, automotive engine needs a healthy spark and to accomplish this, electricity is required. The quantity of electricity the battery is able to supply is only enough to allow you to run for several miles; because you need far more than that, your vehicle is outfitted with a Dodge B2500 alternator.

By having a working alternator, the battery is energized constantly so there's no need to keep worrying about running out of electrical power while activating some of the vehicle's crucial electrical components. Failure of the said part can bring about various problems that can vary from simple inconveniences to severe problems so in case you suspect that the alternator of your Dodge B2500 is now becoming faulty, troubleshoot the case right away to give it the required fixing as well as replacement. A safety measure though - Dodge B2500 sure the engine has fully cooled off before you decide to service the alternator.

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