Your Chrysler alternator works hard to keep the parts of your vehicle that run on electricity going strong. The alternator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy to power your vehicle. Some parts run by your alternator include lights, ignition coils, and engine fans. The air conditioner and stereo also use the alternator for power. Usually, the alternator consists of four parts: the stator, the rotor, the voltage regulator, and the diode packs. If your alternator stops running, the battery will not be able to keep the vehicle going. That's because the battery can use its reserve power but cannot be recharged without the alternator. When your rotor, voltage regulator, stator, or diode packs get damaged or worn it is time to replace your entire alternator. However, if the alternator belt breaks, all you have to replace is the alternator belt. Replacing your faulty alternator with a new one immediately will remedy the situation.