The good old generator used in old cars is now a history in the automotive technology. The alternator now does what the generator's job. Among the many reasons why alternator is now used instead of generators are: output current can be generated at lower rpm, voltage can be managed more correctly by means of solid state regulators, less maintenance is needed by alternators, and they absolutely need less manufacturing cost. Alternator's function is to create electricity for the operation of many car devices. The current it produces is used for recharging the vehicle's battery as well as for making its electrical loads work. Alternators do this job by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. Although the battery provides electricity, the stable source of power given by the alternator is still needed by most of the electrical mechanisms employed within the vehicle.

The alternator is a very important component of the vehicle's charging system. It is composed of a rotor, a stator, a set of brush, a rectifier assembly and a pulley. Rotor is the term use to call that rotating set of electrical windings while the stationary set of windings is dubbed as a stator. The set of brushes in the alternator is used to keep up electrical contact with the rotor. Except for the pulley, all the parts of the alternator are confined in an aluminum housing. These days, alternators employ compact, electronic voltage regulator that may be contained inside the alternator. The function of this voltage regulator may be managed by the powertrain control module of the vehicle.

Since Cadillac is a fine-looking luxury vehicle, its auto parts should always be maintained. To keep your Cadillac alternator in tiptop condition, some maintenance tips should be followed. Check the Cadillac alternator's drive belt tension at every oil change. It is significant because a loose belt can decrease alternator output and can run down the battery of the car. Before the travel season each spring, it is always advisable to have your car's charging system tested and make it a part of your complete starting, charging and battery test. Through this test, you can tell whether the Cadillac's alternator is generating the right amount of voltage and current.

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