Are all the components of your Buick running well? Can you use it safely at night with all the lights on and with the air conditioning system and all other electronic components running? If yes, then you have one fine Buick. If not, then there definitely is something wrong somewhere. Check on the various auto lights and their wirings if anything is wrong. Also check on the connections and components of the various electronic systems in the vehicle. If nothing is wrong with all of these and yet they won't work properly, then it probably is the Buick alternator that is causing the problem.

An alternator is an electromechanical device that is used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Under the hood of your Buick, the Buick alternator is driven by a belt off the vehicle's engine. Once the engine starts running, the mechanical energy it generates is converted by the alternator into electrical energy that can be used to charge the battery and to power the various electrical and electronic components inside your Buick.

Buick alternators are basically made up of four major parts, although these components may also be equipped with other small and minor parts. These four major parts consists of the rotor, the stator, the diode packs and the voltage regulator. The rotor is basically an electromagnet that rotates inside the stator, which is an iron core wrapped with coils. The rotor/stator pair is actually the pair that generates electrical energy from the engine's mechanical energy. This electricity, however, is still in alternating current (AC) form and must first be converted by the diode packs into direct current (DC) before they can be used by the battery and the vehicle's electrical system. Once in DC form, this current would then be controlled by the voltage regulator so as to avoid erratic electric surges.

With a heavily damaged Buick alternator, it is impossible for your Buick's battery to get charged and for its various electrical and electronic components to work properly. Unluckily, such damage won't be noticeable when you're just starting your vehicle. Usually, your Buick would still run a few miles with battery power alone. You'll only notice that there is something wrong with the alternator once the battery of your Buick gets all drained of power.

So if you don't want to experience any hassle while driving because of a damaged alternator, better be watchful of the early signs of damage. If electric power output is low or if there is no power output at all, then it is proper to suspect an alternator damage. Replace the damage alternator parts at once, or if the damage is too large, better replace it with a new one from Parts Train.