Brand new cars can definitely make you feel good especially in keeping you free from any trouble regarding the performance of its systems and components. However, as time passes by, automotive parts start to deteriorate due to regular wear and tear ordinarily caused by long and constant usage. This time, you have to anticipate already all sorts of automotive problems and you should start familiarizing yourself with the different auto parts to personally handle troubleshooting in case no one would be there to help you out.

Every automobile is composed of several systems functioning altogether to serve one purpose and that is to bring service, comfort and convenience that are usually expected of an automobile. Basic automotive systems include brake system, cooling system, electrical system, engine system, air conditioning and heating, exhaust system, fuel system, steering and suspicion system, the drive train and the body and exterior. Among these the electrical system is considered to be primarily important because it is basically the one to perform its function by way of starting the engine through the starter motor.

In dealing with the electrical system, all you have to do is to put an eye on these three important components — battery, starter motor and alternator. Although there are still other components, the parts are the ones who maintain the car's supply of electricity. And by using a voltage regulator and a fuse box, the power level is being stabilized and minor problems are prevented from turning into major ones. The battery is used to hold power that is used for starting and for running some supplementary devices such as clocks and radios, while the alternator, also called as generator or charging device, powers up the system when the car is running and recharges the battery for the power consumed.

Alternators like the Audi alternator are very important so much so that the absence or failure to function of which can result to bigger trouble. If you are driving and the alternator suddenly breaks down, no immediate and evident sign is shown. The power stored in the battery can handle the situation. However, if the battery power runs out then you are in big trouble but don't wait until that time comes, replace immediately deteriorated alternator.