Almost all vehicles are designed and manufactured nowadays to have the best parts and features which include an air conditioning system and a fully functional car stereo system. This is because the competition in the automotive industry gets tougher as more and more car manufacturers continue to innovate to make their vehicles more reliable and convenient to use. Acura vehicles, for one, include this car stereo system and air conditioning to give its passengers the levels of comfort that they expect. Although these are really not very essential car components but they are important because they add comfort to the driver and to the passengers as well. But did you ever wonder what part of your Acura vehicle is responsible for these features to operate?

Air conditioning system and car stereo system operate because of this essential electrical system component called the Acura alternator. This is also responsible to make other devices in your vehicle operate such as the auxiliary fans, ignition coils, windshield wiper, and various auto lights. The main purpose of the Acura alternator is to convert mechanical energy generated by the engine to electrical energy in the form of alternating current. This is the type of generator used to charge the Acura vehicle's battery and power all the other electrical and electronic components installed in the vehicle while the engine is running.

The Acura alternator is usually composed of four basic parts: the rotor, the stator, the diode packs and the voltage regulator. Each of these parts has a definite function in order for the alternator to operate efficiently as a whole. Failure in any of these parts would affect the overall performance of the alternator. That is why this should always be in good working condition. But basically it is hard to tell when your alternator has a problem because when it malfunctions, your car will still continue to run and the electrical mechanisms as well because of the stores power in the battery. Once this power is all sapped, your car will stop running and even how hard you try to make it start again, it will not.

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