Car Alternators

While it is possible to still drive with a bad alternator, it will do you no good. It will rather result in many other problems that are more expensive to repair. Since it generates electricity to power a vehicle and charge its battery, failure on this component could also mean failure to start your ride. You see, starting an automobile always requires huge amount of electrical power. When starting up, the battery should be able to power not just the starter but the fuel injection system and other vehicle components as well. If this component is damaged, the battery won't be charged properly and will fail to start your ride at some point.

Bad alternators can also leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere in wee hours of the night. This doesn't sound good, right? But it is more likely to happen especially if you are driving at night, when your ride needs more power to make the automotive lights work. For some time, your ride can run using the power stored in the battery; but it sure will run out of power especially when used for distant travels.

Moreover, when defective alternators refuse to turn, the vehicle's drive belt will try to spin on a stationary pulley, causing it to break. When this happens, the component driven by the said belt will also fail to work and it will be more difficult for you to drive your automobile. Worse, it can inflict damage on other major vehicle components. Before you jump into conclusion that this vehicle charging system component needs replacement, better check first your battery cables. Perhaps they are already corroded or have intolerable electrolyte level. Also find out if the drive belt's tension is correct.

If all possible problems have been ruled out and you are certain that the culprit is your car alternator, troubleshoot the problem. With the engine off, determine the battery voltage using a voltmeter. If the voltmeter detects more than 15 volts, it is more likely that your voltage regulator and the wirings also have problems. There will be undercharge issue if the meter senses 13 volts or less. If the problem seems to be beyond repair and you are in need of replacement, just make sure that the unit you'll get will fit the specifications and requirements of your ride.

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