Car Air Pumps

Do you dread emissions test because your car often fails in the said test? Failure in this test is an indication of a problem in your vehicle. One or two exhaust parts could already be failing, or you may have a damaged component in your car that causes incorrect air-fuel mixture in the engine. The presence of any problem in the intake, fuel injection, ignition, exhaust, and other systems can easily result in failing an emissions test. Therefore, it's very important that all parts are kept in top shape. One that you must particularly take care of is the air pump.

The said pump is actually a simple supporting component to the exhaust system. Mounted along the exhaust route, the pump works to supply a sufficient amount of oxygen to the exhaust stream. This oxygen is used to further burn the exhaust gases as they flow out, eliminating any harmful and toxic substance that might have been left with the flowing gases so that the gases will already be harmless when finally emitted into the environment. By doing this, your car air pump provides the exhaust with a second level of gas-burning ability.

The said function is crucial because of the fact that combustion is imperfect-it almost always creates toxic fumes. This happens because of several reasons. Either the air or fuel is too much and their ratio to each other is incorrect, or there is a specific component that's damaged and causing combustion to be inefficient. Any problem connected to the engine has a great potential of causing poor emissions. And when this happens, the car air pump is your savior.

The pump is driven by a belt, which gets its power from the engine. Therefore, in maintaining it, you must not only focus on the main pump. You should also pay attention to its drive belt and tensioner. The drive belt is the actual belt that drives it while the tensioner is the assembly that maintains proper belt tension. You have to be sure that the tensioner is in good shape so that it can keep the car air pump drive belt tight. You must also inspect the belt to guarantee that it's not yet on the brink of failing. And of course, the pump must be functioning well.

Should you find any of the mentioned parts damaged in any way, be sure to get the needed replacement. You can't risk failing the emissions test, can you? Besides, you don't want to take part in polluting the environment. Keep your car's exhaust system functioning well and your exhaust emissions clean with a high-quality air pump. You can find the right pump here at Parts Train. We have a complete catalog of parts that contains everything that you need for your vehicle. Just click on the right component to order, and we'll deliver the part fast.