Car Air Mass Meters

There are two crucial aspects of your drive that depend on the availability of the correct amount of air and fuel in your vehicle engine. These are the amount of power generated during combustion and the toxicity of the gases emitted by your car's exhaust assembly. The air and fuel must always be at the correct level (or ratio) for the engine to produce just the right amount of power and for the gases emitted by the exhaust to remain safe to the environment and to other people. To ensure this, your car is equipped with a wide range of devices, one of which is the air mass meter.

This meter comes in the form of a tube (usually made from plastic) that allows air to pass through it. Most meters are positioned after the air box. When you closely examine it, you will see sensors within the tube, mounted in such a way that the air passing through the tube will touch them. The purpose behind the design of the meter is simple. It allows air to flow through it, and the sensors mounted in the air stream measure the amount of air that is getting in. The meter sends the data to the car computer so that it can calculate how much air is needed to compensate for the available air in the engine. With this function, the engine gets just the right mix and efficient combustion happens. One popular meter in use today is the Bosch air mass meter.

The meter from Bosch is a leading choice of drivers nowadays because of its outstanding characteristics. First and foremost, it's very efficient. It's built to be accurate, supplying the engine with correct information at all times. It's also very tough. It does not easily give in to damage and its efficiency is not easily affected by vibrations and irregular conditions in the system. The Bosch air mass meter is also lightweight, and it consumes only a small amount of power as it operates.

Although it's above the cut, however, the meter from Bosch also needs regular maintenance, just like any other meter out there. Otherwise, it may get damaged over time, losing its accuracy. And when this happens, your car computer will not be able to determine the right amount of fuel to send to the engine. As a result, both your engine's power and your exhaust emissions will suffer. So, whether it's a Bosch air mass meter or one from another brand, don't forget regular maintenance.

In case it's too late and your stock meter is already damaged, then your best move would be to get a replacement. And don't worry because you have a reliable partner-Parts Train. We have complete parts in our catalog, and it's very easy to find your needed air mass meter.