Your Pontiac 6000 air intake hose is an important part of the engine oxygen supply system-the air intake hose transports that much-needed fresh air in to the engine for that optimal combustion. Similar to various other Pontiac 6000 components, this hose requires basic upkeep.

Perhaps the biggest issue you'll experience with a busted air intake hose is definitely an air leak; eventually, the tube can get cracked or pierced, inadvertently expelling air to the surroundings. When there's a leak, your Pontiac 6000's engine won't receive sufficient oxygen for the air and fuel combination, resulting to poor combustion, which may then lead to low engine performance and a decrease in gasoline mileage. One more possible consequence of leaky Pontiac 6000 air intake hoses tends to be that dirt could get into the system, further messing up the combustion blend.

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