Your Mazda 323 air intake hose is a vital component of the engine air supply system-the air intake hose transports that much-needed oxygen into the engine for that perfect combustion. To ensure your Mazda 323 performs at its best, frequently check the intake tube for indications of deterioration.

The main problem you'll come across with a leaky air intake hose is an air leak; eventually, the hose can get shattered or punctured, accidentally releasing air to the environment. In the event that there is a leak, your Mazda 323's engine won't receive enough air for the air/fuel mixture, causing bad combustion, which can then lead to weak engine performance as well as a decrease in gasoline mileage. An additional possible aftermath of leaky Mazda 323 air intake hoses is that debris can get in to the system, ruining the combustion mixture.

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