Car Air Intake Hoses

If your car has a leak, it would most probably be in the air intake hose. What exactly is an air intake hose? This part connects your air filter box to the intake manifold. A busted air intake hose, however, can become misleading to most drivers. This is because having a used up hose sometimes looks like an ignition problem, and even a fuel problem. This can prove to be a costly mistake. Replacing perfectly functioning parts, as opposed to replacing one malfunctioning part, spells the difference between big bucks spent on useless repairs.

So what indicates a leaking air intake hose then? Air intake hoses, and holes they may have, are tricky things. You have to use an aerosol carburetor cleaner. By spraying the cleaner at the hose, you can detect abrupt changes in the mist created. So you think that your car's problem is indeed its air intake hose? Look no further.

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