Car Air Intakes

Everything in your vehicle revolves around combustion. The power that runs your wheels, the energy that operates most of the parts in your ride-all of these are produced during the combustion process. It's a complex process that involves the operation of a wide range of components and requires the use of air, fuel, and spark. The air is handled by the air intake, the fuel by the fuel injection assembly, and the spark by the ignition system.

The intake assembly is mainly composed of two parts: the air filter and the intake tube. The filter is tasked to trap all the damaging particles present in the air that is passing through and going to the engine, while the tube serves as the main chamber through which the air passes. The main goal of the cold air intake is to improve engine performance by supplying as much cold air as possible into the engine.

The right intake can provide a considerable amount of improvement in the efficiency of the engine. It can give a significant increase in the horsepower generated during combustion. So, what's the secret behind a performance-enhancing intake? What should you take in consideration when getting an intake upgrade? Well, let's begin with the filter. Good air intake systems must have a filter with efficient trapping ability. They should be able to trap even the smallest particles, all while allowing sufficient airflow. A filter made from cotton gauze is more beneficial because it provides the right balance between airflow and protection against damaging particulates. When it comes to the intake tubes, the secret is efficient construction-wide tube diameter that ensures more airflow, mandrel bends that prevent restrictions, and smooth intake tube walls that guarantee the fast flow of air.

A reliable cold air intake can provide your engine with significant horsepower gains without you having to spend a lot. You can even save on your filter if you go for one that doesn't require periodic replacement. Yes, there are filters that are designed for lifetime use. They only need to be taken off, washed, and re-installed every now and then to maintain them in good shape. Many are also very easy to mount without the need for a mechanic. As long as you know the process, you can save on installation.

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