If tiny particles like dirt, road salt, and other elements ever get inside the air intake, this will mess up some engine parts. Thanks to your Volvo S80 air filter, contaminants are screened out to keep air that streams into the intake manifold clean. As the air filter collects more dirt, it will clog up over time and may require maintenance or removal and replacement to stop gunk-filled air from mixing with diesel or gasoline.

A busted air filter will affect the performance of your vehicle. Fuel mileage and power generation will suffer all because of restrained flow of air, requiring the engine to burn more diesel or gas and to work double-time. Replace the air filter if needed to enjoy trouble-free ignition and combustion and keep engine parts from getting contaminated. See to it that the brand-new air filter is a perfect fit to your automobile for fast and easy setup and impressive filtration capacity that will spare your vehicle from serious problems.

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