Summer vacations and road trips are among the most awaited activity of most people these days. But you can never expect your trip to be as exciting and fun as you hope it to be if your Volkswagen is overdue for some repair and maintenance. Those who overlook simple repair jobs in their car are in for a big trouble down the road. You may find yourself in a deserted town with no cell phone signal and wild animals ready to jump at you as soon as night falls. The breath taking scenery could have been picture-perfect if you weren't too apprehensive of what might jump out of the backwoods any minute.

So what could you to avoid such situation? Simple, have your Volkswagen checked before you leave or better yet regularly inspect your car components to make sure that they are always in good running condition. Most importantly, check your Volkswagen air filter. This is the component that most people forget to check in the rush to get things packed, children fed and house securely locked. Keep in mind that it is the air filter that keeps dirt, dust and other contaminants from getting into your engine. Without a fully functioning air filter to trap these contaminants, the efficiency and performance of your engine will be gravely affected.

There are several types of air filter these days. There are those made of paper, cotton and foam. The cotton filter is the one regarded as the best fabric for filtration. But because this filter cannot be used in varied environments such as dusty or snowy areas, foam and paper filters are still the preferred filters by most car owners. Because air filters are important in the performance of your engine they should always be in good condition. Regular cleaning is vital to keep dirt away and if you use a disposable air filter make sure that they are replaced periodically.

However, if the air filter has completely worn out it is essential that you replace it immediately. Delaying replacement would only damage and weaken the entire engine system. If this happen you might just actually find yourself in that deserted town stranded and frustrated. So, be a smart driver and take care of your air filter properly. Arrange also for a replacement if necessary.

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