If tiny particles such as dirt, road salt, and other unwanted properties ever infiltrate the air intake, this will damage the valves and pistons. Using your Toyota Paseo air filter, contaminants are filtered to keep air that goes into the intake manifold clean. After some time, the air filter may clog up that it fails to screen out as much gunk as it should—this will cause trouble for ignition and combustion.

A faulty air filter can adversely affect the performance of your vehicle. Fuel mileage and engine operation will be compromised because of minimized intake of air, which prompts the engine to burn more gasoline or diesel and to work double-time. So you will never have to suffer from lackluster car performance and ruined engine equipment, change the plugged air filter when necessary. Buy a new filter that not only suits the performance needs of your ride but also has a high filtration capacity to keep air clean and free-flowing.

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