Big things start from small ones and that is especially true to your car. It is an undeniable fact that the systems, components, auto parts and car accessories making up your vehicle have inter-related functions. Failure of one component to perform its designated task can affect the systems. Thus, no matter how small the defect may be, it will directly or indirectly affect the other parts making up the car. However, if it remains unnoticed, that small defect can lead to further negative complications that can compromise the over all performance of your car or worst, it can compromise your precious life. Each component making up your Subaru has indispensable role to play no matter how small or simple it may be. Your Subaru air filter is basically one of these simple and small components. Its primary duty is to keep off dust, dirt, small chips of stones or road debris and other air borne particles and elements from the air that can go with the air intake needed by the engine. The cool air coming from the outside is much needed by the engine especially after the combustion process wherein, it is subjected to extreme heat. So, through the air intake coming from the outside together with the reaction of the car’s cooling system, the engine is refreshed after it goes through the heat surging combustion process. However, the outside air can be contaminated with dirt and dust which can go along with the air as it enters the engine. However, with air filters in place, these particles and elements are extracted to allow clean and dust free air intake. Moreover, such particles can get accumulated on the air filter which can obstruct the free flow of air. In such case, a new air filter replacement is already needed. Ideally, air filters must be replaced as your car reaches 20,000 miles of driving. Vehicles used for dusty and dirty streets and highways must be equipped with a new air filter every 5000 miles or even less than that. Driving on sandy areas also require frequent replacement since the car is prone to more air borne particles and elements. Checking out the air filter to see if you can still use it or if it must be replaced with a new one can be done with ease. You simply have to unscrew or remove the air filter and let a strong light pass through it. You could directly hold it up to the light of the sun or your can use a flashlight and other light producing devices. If you can still see right through it then you can still use it. But if not, then better rush to your computer and go directly to Partstrain to purchase a new air filter replacement. For your Toyota air filter, varied sources are available not only in the net but also in your nearest auto shop. Nonetheless, if you want to save time, effort and money, then just browse the net. And, if you’re the type of buyer looking for quality yet fairly priced products, Partstrain is the best place to go. They offer their top quality Toyota air filter replacement at prices that will surely go with your budget. See it for yourselves!