The engine system of your Suzuki needs clean air, free from any dirt, dust, debris and other particles and elements that can contaminate the power drive and interfere with its efficient performance. The task of filtering out these particles is done by your Suzuki Air filter. Constant exposure of the engine to these elements can speed up the wearing out of its components. Air filters are commonly mounted inside the air cleaner housing. However, its position may vary which depends on the type of engine used by the car. Vehicles with engines equipped with throttle body fuel injection system have their air cleaners installed on the upper portion of the engine. Fuel injected engines on the other hand, have the air cleaners mounted a few inches far from the engine. It has big metal ducts which serve as the connecting points. Replacement of air filter must be done regularly. Mere cleaning cannot remove the dirt, dust, debris and other particles that can get stuck on the air filter. Aside from its inefficiency in trapping these elements that can contaminate the piston rings, engine cylinders, pistons and walls, the flow of air is also greatly affected. The big amount of dirt that can get accumulated in your engine is a great loss to the long term service that your car can offer. Yes, your car may be equipped with an air cleaner but if it is not its task effectively and efficiently, it’s like having no air filter at all. Of course, you can drive your car without an air filter but better be prepared for the loads of negative consequences that might come along. So if you have a defective air filter, the choice is whether to replace it or keep it and let your car and your pockets suffer for its consequences. The choice depends on no one but you. If you prefer to replace your defective air filter, you’ll surely find it easy to remove it and install a new one. First thing to do is to determine the features and specs of your factory component including its size, dimensions and material used. There are various types of air filters in the market so don’t be confused as to what type should your vehicle have. Make sure that you choose an authentic Suzuki air filter. Take note that cheap products are different from fairly priced ones. You may be enticed by the low prices offered by some auto stores but you may end up spending more because it may easily wear out, so you will have to buy a new one. Its true, affordability is always one of the considerations in buying but never sacrifice the quality. However, if you want quality, performance and affordability in one, then Partstrain is the right place to go. Come and visit our store anytime or anywhere you may be.