The air needed by your Subaru engine must first pass through the Subaru air filter to prevent dirt, dust, small rocks and other air borne particles that can enter the system and interfere with the task that each engine component must perform. These elements can speed up the wearing out of the engine and eventually cause it to break down. However, the engine is one of the vital components of your car since it is the source of power, needed by the various auto parts and systems of the car to do their designated task. Any damage or defect on the engine or the power drive system of your auto can surely compromise the over-all performance and driving dynamics of your vehicle. Your Subaru is of course, not an exemption to this reality. That is why, the engine must have a line of defense to guarantee protection and ensure the safety of the components making up the power train. The air filter is one of the "musts" that your car must have. It is commonly made of paper which also makes it an easy subject for wear and tear although there are also other materials used these days. The basic duty of air filters, as the words itself suggest, is to filter out the dirt, dust and other elements and particles which can freely enter the power drive system. However, the air filter itself, can get clogged and could eventually lead to its inefficiency to perform its designated task. Such instance commonly happens to vehicles that frequently go through dusty and dirty roads. For this reason, the air filter should be regularly replaced. Regular check up or inspection, matched with proper care and maintenance can help a lot to have a long lasting, highly functional air filter. Damaged or defective air filters must be replaced at once to prevent further complex results. If it remains un-replaced for a long time, the over-all performance and functionality of your auto can be put at risk. Replacement of old or damaged air filter may not be that cheap but it would be better to spend a few bucks than wait for the other components of your auto to be affected which may call for more or rather, much costly repairs and replacement. But of course, the choice is still yours. Nonetheless, if you go for a new air filter replacement, just come and visit Partstrain. Our store is acclaimed as one of the top rated sources of quality and pocket friendly auto parts and accessories not only for your Subaru but also for other auto makes and models may it be a Ford, GM, Suzuki, Honda, Toyota and a lot more. Browse our complete on line catalog for the replacement that will suit not only your car's needs but your pockets as well.