The air needed by the engine must not be contaminated with dust, dirt and other air borne particles that can affect the efficiency and functionality of the components making up the power train. These elements can be detrimental if allowed to freely enter into the engine. Thus, there is a need for a Scion air filter. The purpose and function of the air filter on your Scion is implied on its name. This component filters out the air intake needed by the engine to cool own every time it goes through the combustion process which requires extreme heat temperature. Auto air filter are found on the air cleaning housing of your Scion. It is commonly made from a paper component which requires constant replacement especially is the vehicle is always exposed to dirt and dust. These elements could get stock on the filters which will n turn block the free flow of air intake. The position of the air filter varies which may depend on the car make or model or on the type of engine used. Engines equipped with a throttle body fuel injection system have air filters mounted on the upper portion of the engine joined by big plastic ducts or big pieces of metals. It is secured in place by a wing nut joined to the cover of the air cleaner. Some air filters are mounted far from the engine. Replacement or removal of such types can be done by using a screwdriver to remove the spring clips that secure it in place. Cleaning of the air filter can be easily done but oftentimes, replacement is the best choice to ensure and maintain its efficiency in trapping out the dirt, grease and dust. Regular check-up is a must to know if it’s time for a new replacement. Check out the paper pleats portion. You can also use a flash light to aid you in knowing if your air filter is still efficient in its purpose. All you have to do is to let the light pass through the filter. If the light rays cannot pass through, then it’s an indication that you must buy a new air filter replacement in place of your factory component. The new air filter that you will purchase must match the features and specifications required for your car. Scion air filters are relatively pocket-friendly so you can surely afford it. If you don’t want to encounter much difficulty in choosing, try Partstrain. Our store can definitely give you the Scion air filter replacement that you need. Quality, performance and affordability – our store has it all.