If minute particles like dust, debris, and other harsh elements ever infiltrate the air intake, this will damage the valves and pistons. Through your Porsche Cayman air filter, contaminants are removed to keep air that flows into the intake manifold dirt-free. After some time, the air filter may clog up that it can no longer clear away as much dirt as it should—this will create problems for ignition and combustion.

You will notice a big change in vehicle performance if you put up with a faulty air filter. The plugged air filter adversely affects fuel mileage since it limits airflow and make it hard for the engine to generate the required power, burning more gas or diesel during the process. Change the air filter if needed to ensure effective ignition and combustion as well as keep engine equipment from getting contaminated. Make sure that the new filter is a flush fit to your car for easy setup and excellent filtration rating that will save your car from tons of trouble.

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