Gunk and other unwanted particles that go inside the air intake might damage the pistons, valves, and other automotive components. Through your Porsche 914 air filter, harsh elements are screened out to keep air that streams into the intake manifold clean. Over time, the air filter may get plugged that it may no longer screen out as much dirt as it should—this will create problems for combustion and ignition.

You'll notice a decline in vehicle performance if you continue using a busted air filter. Gas mileage and engine efficiency will be compromised due to minimized intake of air, which prompts the engine to consume more gasoline or diesel and to work double-time. Fix the air filter if necessary to ensure trouble-free power generation as well as prevent engine equipment from getting damaged. Shop for a stock replacement that not only fits the specifications of your vehicle but also features excellent filtration to keep air free from dirt.

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