Replacement of your old and worn-out air filter is not as costly as you think it is. In fact, it is much cheaper than sticking with your damaged air filter and later on spending for the negative effects that it had on other nearby components which in the end, can compromise the over-all functionality and performance of your car’s engine system. You don’t want to spend that much on repairs and compromise the over-all being of your Porsche, right? In that case then, better look for new air filter replacement that will best fit your auto. You have lots of sources around such as Partstrain, one of the well known top rated online stores in the net. Basically, the air filter is meant to keep out the harmful dirt particles and other airborne agents that can contaminate the air that enters the engine which in turn, circulates into the piston rings, pistons and engine walls and cylinders. Unclean air can speed up engine wear and tear that is why an air filter is indeed a must for every car. Cars that are constantly exposed to air dirt and dust must be equipped with tough and durable air filters or if not, its air filter must be regularly replaced to ensure clean air. The position of the air filter may depend on the car make or the type of engine used. Cars equipped with carburetors have air filters placed inside the air cleaner housing just above the carburetor. Engines with throttle body fuel injection systems have their air filters positioned near the inlet of the air ducting components. Removing the automotive air filter is easy. You simply have to loosen the wing nut or clips that secure the old component in place. You can use a flashlight to determine if you can still use your air filter or if it already needs a new replacement. If the light can evenly pass through then you can save your money for other purposes, but if not, better rush at Partstrain for new air filter replacement.