Pontiac is well known for its top performance both on and off the road, and so are the components making up its engine system. The same is also true to its air filters. Tough and long lasting, Pontiac air filter is a good choice for cars that are constantly exposed to dirty and dusty roads. The air that enters the car’s engine system must be kept free from dirt, dust and other air borne particles. The presence of these contaminants can easily speed up the wear and tear of the components included in the power train system of the auto. The duty then of the air filter, is to prevent the contaminants from entering the system. The automotive air filter is simply a piece of dry paper element placed inside the cleaner housing. However, with its simplicity comes the complex purpose that it should efficiently perform. Damage in the air filter could mean serious trouble, thus there is a need for regular replacement. Pontiac air filter is indeed known for its toughness and durability but it would later on be needing new replacement due to everyday wear and tear, most especially if your car has to go through dusty and dirty conditions. However, as compared with other brands or types, Pontiac air filters can truly last longer especially if it is properly and regularly maintained. Moreover, better replace your air filter, may it be a Pontiac brand or not, if it reached its maximum use. The dirt or dust trapped by the air filter can clog the air that enters into the system which can in turn affect the performance and fuel economy capability of the auto. Replacements must be chosen with utmost care. Make sure that it is matched to the specs of your engine system. Installation process may vary. Some air filters come with snap clips or clamps while some are secured in place by screws so you may have to use other tools. There are lots of air filter replacements around. However if you want quality and affordability in one, then Partstrain is the best place to go.