Dirt and other elements that go inside the air intake might ruin the valves, pistons, and other automotive components. Using your Nissan 300zx air filter, harsh elements are screened out to keep air that goes into the intake manifold free from dirt. As the air filter gathers more dirt, it will clog up eventually and may demand cleanup or removal and replacement to stop dirt-filled air from mixing with gas or diesel.

You may notice a big change in car performance when you use a busted air filter. The plugged air filter reduces fuel efficiency, as it limits airflow and make it difficult for the engine to create the required horsepower, using more fuel in the process. So you will never have to suffer from lackluster automobile performance and damaged engine devices, change the clogged air filter when necessary. Shop for a stock replacement that not only matches the performance needs of your vehicle but also has excellent filtration to keep air dirt-free.

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