Steaming out of every Nissan solution is a reliably strong performance that's mixed with responsive handling and outstanding ride quality. It's clearly manifested in the latest editions of Nissan Altima, Maxima, Sentra, Ventra and Nissan Z. The legendary Nissan Frontier and its sibling Titan can showcase that trait through the tough and rugged terrains, while Nissan SUVs combined it with their versatility. And with the technological advances, Nissans offer more than just exceptional performance. They now boast notable improvements when it comes to emissions control, not to mention the evident upgrades with safety.

The Nissan air filters play a very essential role in turning Nissan automobiles into environment-friendly driving machines. They are the air intake components responsible of ensuring clean air ingested by the engine system. Air filters basically strain solid air particles in order to prevent damage in the engine cylinders, walls, pistons and piston rings. They as well trap contaminants such as lubricants, fuel and water vapor, through which the airflow sensor and crankcase are kept clean and conditioned. Nissan air filters also serve as silencer of the air intake system and flame arrester during backfires.

A grimy and discolored Nissan air filter that's already clogged can cause severe impact to the vehicle's engine performance, fuel economy and emissions control. Hence, regular replacement is required. This restricts free airflow resulting to poor combustion process wherein lesser heat will be produced, subsequently generating low mechanical rate which equals to low speed. And since the vehicle performs poorly, the engine would need to burn more fuel even for running shorter distances. Furthermore, air and fuel ratio will be affected, leading then to producing highly toxic emissions.

Air filter replacement is advised to be done after running about 20,000 miles. But then if your Nissan unit breathes highly polluted air or if it always runs through dusty places, early air filter change would be necessary. How would you know if you already need to secure new Nissan air filter? Try to see the sun through it on a bright day. If it's no longer visible, then start finding a replacement. Here at PartsTrain, top-of-the-line aftermarket Nissan air filters are available in extensive selection. We have disposable paper pleated Nissan air filters for virtually every Nissan model. PartsTrain also features reusable cloth-made Nissan air filters with which you would no longer need to purchase replacement in the future. You get to save from regular Nissan air filter replacement costs and at the same be environment-friendly.