In case minute particles such as dirt, gunk, and other harsh elements ever go straight into the air intake, this will damage some engine parts. Through your Mitsubishi Tredia air filter, harsh elements are trapped to keep air that goes into the intake manifold dirt-free. Eventually, the air filter may get clogged that it cannot screen out as much dirt as it should—this will create problems for combustion and ignition.

You cannot help but notice a dip in auto performance if you put up with a busted air filter. The plugged air filter adversely affects gas mileage because it limits airflow and make it difficult for the engine to create sufficient horsepower, consuming more fuel in the process. Fix the air filter when needed to enjoy effective power generation and keep engine components from getting ruined. See to it that the new filter is a flush fit to your car for stress-free installation and reliable filtration capacity that will spare your automobile from serious issues.

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