The mechanical energy that powers the engine is initially generated by converting heat into the energy of motion. And it's through the process of combustion where thermal energy is produced. Significantly, the engine needs to have enough supply of the elements needed in the combustion, the fuel and the oxygen. Both elements may carry impurities and other unwanted components that could cause engine damage. In order to prevent them from posing any trouble, the fuel delivery system and air intake system are both equipped with strainers, the fuel and air filters.

Your Mitsubishi air filter can either be of disposable paper pleated or washable cloth or foam material. Either of the two is capable of filtering the air that's allowed to enter the engine chamber without obstructing its free flow. Significantly, the engine ingests enough amount of clean air for more efficient combustion process.

Every gallon of fuel amounts to 10,000 gallons of air. This means catching all the dirt and solid particles that try to get in along with the outside air. Considering this, the product will eventually become dirty, discolored or clogged. Aside from the unwanted air components, lubricants may also add in making it more inefficient. The result will be less oxygen intake. And this particular problem would lead to several more, decline of engine performance as well as of gas mileage. The exhaust system will be given more burden of reducing the toxic elements created due to unbalanced fuel and air ratio burnt during the combustion process, and will produce harmful emissions.

Now imagine your Mitsubishi unchanged for several years already. You are apparently having unnecessary fuel expenditures, and have been contributing much with the worsening of environmental condition. In order to avoid these problems, the air filter must be replaced after every 20,000 miles or as necessary. It's also wise to check the filter whenever oil change is done to ensure that lubricants don't affect it. And if there's a need for replacement Mitsubishi air filter, make sure that the product you are purchasing is of high quality. For that, you can always trust PartsTrain.