Like us, car engines also need to suck in clean, fresh air. If it is unable to breathe in fresh air it won't be able to perform well. Just like us. When we are not able to take deep breathes and take in clean air we are not able work efficiently. The air filters in our cars are the first in line in protecting our car engine from foreign particles. Because the engine needs fuel and air in order for it to run, clean, dirt free air is necessary to enable the engine to give a hundred percent boost in power.

Mini car owners know how important it is to maintain a fully functioning air filter. The main purpose of these filters is to prevent dust and dirt from damaging the engine. The air filter can be made from paper, cotton, or foam. Although the paper filter is the most used in vehicles, it is the cotton filter that is distinguished as the best. This is because cotton filter are more durable and technologically advanced that the other types of filters. The only downside of cotton filter is that they cannot be used in harsh environments such as deserts and snow filled roads.

Keeping the air filter in top shape is very vital. Hence, you need to check it about every four months. Swap to a new air filter when your old filter is dirty and worn out. Remember that a dirty air filter can affect the performance of your engine. It will also cause the other parts of your car to run inefficiently. If you utilize a disposable filter in your car, make sure that you replace them on a regular basis. Likewise, if you use a washable air filter keep it dirt free at all times.

Replacing your air filter is easy and simple in most cases. So you have no reason to put off any replacement. When you replace the filter yourself, you will not only save thousands of dollars from labor cost, you will also enjoy peace of mind on your trips. Take note that when you own a Mini, having a clean air filter is essential. This way your engine will react well in your action and you are sure to smile in your car seat the whole ride.

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