When small particles just like dirt, debris, and other harsh elements ever get inside the air intake, this will damage the pistons or valves. Good thing, the Mercury Marquis air filter is there to remove unwanted particles from air before it is streamed into the intake manifold. Eventually, the air filter may get plugged that it can't screen out as much dirt as it should—this will cause trouble for engine operation.

A busted air filter might ruin the performance of your automobile. The clogged air filter reduces fuel mileage since it limits flow of air and make it tougher for the engine to produce sufficient torque and horsepower, burning more gas or diesel along the way. So you'll never have to worry about lackluster vehicle performance and damaged engine components, fix the shoddy air filter if necessary. Buy a stock replacement that not only matches the specifications of your vehicle but also has a high filtration capacity to keep air clean and free-flowing.

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