Just like the human body the engine system of your vehicle also needs to take in clean, fresh air. This way all the important parts of your engine will be able to function effectively. The air filter system is the one responsible for making sure that the engine is able to let in clean air. All kinds of cars including the Mercury need a good working air filter. With all the dust, chemicals and dirt particles around us today, your Mercury air filter must be in tip-top condition.

What the Mercury air filter basically does in your engine is to bring down the temperature of the air that comes into the engine. This way the engine can generate a more powerful ignition. The four types of air filter include foam, cotton, synthetic and paper. Of this type of air filters the cotton air filter is considered as the best because it is more durable and technologically advanced. However, it is the paper air filter that is mostly used in vehicles today because it disposable and less costly.

But no matter which type of air filter you use, your car's air filter will be much cheaper that any other part of your engine because of the air filter's simple assembly. The web construction used in most air filters is usually made of polyester fiber. This polyester fiber is combined with cotton or other fibers to create a wide array of performance feature. The air filter holder that grips the air filter is commonly made of metal or plastic box. This holder is attached by a huge plastic cylinder to the intake manifold through which the air flows.

It is vital that you keep your air filter clean always. Make sure that if you are using disposable filters that you replace them regularly. It is recommended to check your air filter about every four months. Take note that a dirty or clogged air filter can affect gas mileage. It will also affect the other parts of your engine causing them to run inefficiently. In addition, if there is not enough air but too much fuel, the spark plugs can fail and you might have a problem keeping your vehicle running. You can replace your air filter as part of an oil change or a tune-up. The replacement process is a fairly simple process and the air filter is easy to reach in most cases. Hence, you have no reason to put off or neglect your air filter.

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