Fresh air is a major demand of the Mercedes Benz E550 engine, and it's the air filter that is designed to keep the incoming oxygen devoid of dust and dirt. A new Mercedes Benz E550 air filter is a defense-oriented unit which is designed to keep incoming oxygen clean by trapping all the debris that it contains.

It's noteworthy to realize that the functionality of every air filter primarily relies on the supplies used to construct the part's filtering portion—the best is natural cotton because the said material can capture much more airborne debris while not getting quickly plugged up. A new Mercedes Benz E550 air filter featuring more pleats is likewise suggested since it presents a bigger surface into which dirt may cling. Additionally, you also have to look into the toughness of this filter—be sure that you select air filters which are durable and won't easily succumb to the intense pressure of the incoming air.

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