Nothing can be more refreshing than breathing clean air. But with the thousands of dust and dirt particles around us, inhaling an unpolluted air can be quite difficult. Good thing our nasal hairs help in trapping dirt particles before it gets into our nasal passages. The same is true with cars. In order for its engine to perform well, dust and dirt particles must be nonexistent. The job of filtering these particles is done by the air filter.

Clean air is essential for a successful combustion of your Mercedes Benz engine. So before abrasive particles from the air reach the engine system, it is being filtered by your vehicle's air filter. There are several types of air filters; the most common of which is the foam air filter. This type of filter uses foam filter oil and must be used without solvents as filters tend to break up if solvents are used with the filter oil. The most common replacement to foam air filter is the cotton air filter. This type of filter has less air resistance but it needs to be regularly cleaned as they tend to clog more often. The paper filters, on the other hand, are used by some car owners for extra airflow in their vehicle.

It is vital to clean your Mercedes Benz air filter more often. This is because if the filter gets too dirty, your engine will not be able to take in enough air into its combustion chambers. If this happens, your vehicle will run roughly and it will lose power. If clogged air filter is neglected for a long time your car may stop running altogether. Although car experts recommend that you change your air filter annually, replacement may not be necessarily needed depending on the performance and frequency of use of your car.

Take note that new filters increase your car's efficiency. But replacing them need not be expensive. You can do the replacement yourself if you have the proper tools and knowledge. When you have opened the hood and located the air filter you need to unscrew it to be able to take the filter out. Once you have removed it, clean the area first before putting in the new filter. You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck out dirt and dust. If you are planning on using a rag, remember to seal first the carburetor's top to prevent dust from getting into it. When you have finished cleaning, you can put the new air filter in and close the hood.

Making the right choice of air filter is very important in order to get the best performance of your engine. So, for your Mercedes Benz air filter needs you can check out Parts Train and see the vast range of quality air filters that we have. Shop with us today and get the best air filter for your Mercedes Benz.