The air filter like your Lincoln Mark LT air filter is a part of the intake system that allows the engine to breathe. It is connected to the intake manifold using a large plastic tube from which the air flows. Since the engine requires an exact mixture of air and fuel during the combustion process, the quality of air is therefore important. The air filter will provide the clean air for the air that is used during the combustion enters through this device primarily. The air filter will filter out the dirt and other particles from the air stopping them from entering through the system which may cause damage to the entire engine system.

Air filters are of different types. Each varies according to the type of material used during the construction. These materials include: paper or fibrous material, foam, and a cotton or fabric-like material. For paper air filter, its design uses a folded accordion style that is arranged with a metal or plastic frame while being fitted on the air filter holder. For cotton or fabric-like material air filter, its design involves lubrication in order to increase the flow of air. Likewise, the air filter holder it uses is made of plastic or metal box from which this filter sits.

The quality of air is really important for the performance of the car. That is why air filter maintenance is required and regular replacement should be done according to recommended interval. Dirty air filter results to an increase in fuel consumption. Likewise, the emission control system that is essential in regulating the car's air and fuel mixture may run ineffective. Fouling of spark plug may also be a result of dirty air filter since the amount of fuel can be profound with a little amount of air. As a result, running your car can become difficult.

Replacement of air filter should take place at least once a year. But for those who live in a place with heavy pollution, replacement must be done frequently. During oil change, inspecting the air filter is also a necessary. Air filter replacement is actually an easy job to do. Just be familiar with the part that affix to the air filter. An instruction guide will also make the procedure hassle-free. Ignoring a troubled air filter can affect the entire performance of your car. If you are looking for a quality air filter, Parts train will provide exactly what you need. For quality car parts and accessories, like the Lincoln Mark LT air filter, Parts train is the only online provider that you should trust.