When tiny particles like dirt, road salt, and other unwanted properties ever go straight into the air intake, this will mess up the pistons or valves. Thanks to your Lincoln Blackwood air filter, contaminants are trapped to keep air that streams into the intake manifold clean. As the air filter traps more dirt, it will get plugged eventually and may need cleanup or removal and replacement to prevent gunk-filled air from being mixed with diesel or gasoline.

You may notice a dip in auto performance when you use a faulty air filter. Gas mileage and engine power will suffer due to restrictive flow of air, prompting the engine to use more gasoline or diesel and to work much harder. So you won't have to worry about lackluster auto performance and damaged engine parts, restore the shoddy air filter when necessary. Shop for a new filter that not only suits the specs of your automobile but also boasts of an impressive filtration rating to keep air clean and free-flowing.

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