In case tiny particles just like grime, road salt, and other elements ever get inside the air intake, this will ruin some engine parts. Using your Lexus Ls600h air filter, harsh elements are trapped to keep air that flows into the intake manifold free from dirt. Eventually, the air filter may clog up that it fails to screen out as much gunk as it should—this will cause trouble for ignition and combustion.

A faulty air filter will drag the performance of your automobile. Fuel mileage and power generation will be adversely affected because of reduced airflow, requiring the engine to burn more diesel or gas and to work much harder. Replace the air filter when needed to enjoy efficient ignition and combustion and even keep engine parts from getting damaged. Make sure that the new filter is a great fit to your automobile for hassle-free mounting and excellent filtration rating that will save your car from lots of trouble.

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