You can do simple ways in order to improve the gas mileage of your Lexus ES300. By just changing the oil filter at regular intervals and by keeping the tires at adequate levels, and by replacing your Lexus ES300 air filter when necessary, you can go along way towards improving the gas mileage. Yes, you can always be sure that your car is in top shape by doing simple and basic maintenance that can translate into having a maximum fuel economy.

There are two options as you try to replace the air filter. One is the replacement brand. This air filter is used once and then thrown after their useful life has ended which is normally within a year of installation. You may as well try performance brand which is originally used for race cars. Nowadays, each performance brand is available for family cars, SUVs, minivan or pick up truck. One big difference of performance brand to replacement brand is that the former is washable and reusable. It can last as long as 50,000 miles before it requires to be cleaned.

You have several reasons why you should get the best air filter for your Lexus. For one, your car's air filter is very important in maintaining some parts of your car system clean and dirt-free. There are more potential troubles to occur if your air filter doesn't work perfectly and dirt enters your car. This is why you need to inspect the air filter and replace it when you believe it's necessary. You can seek the service of a mechanic although replacing it is just a simple task. You can definitely do it yourself.

Car experts recommend that you change your air filter once in a year or every 15,000 miles if you live in semi dusty area. Better still, you check it once in a while and replace it as soon as it needs one. Checking it is so simple and replacing it is not at all complicated especially when you have done it before. You must understand that newer cars may have different filters compared to the older ones. They differ in the sense that air filter in newer cars are rectangular shape and is located under the hood, near the radiator or the fender wheels. You must open it and take the actual air filter from it should you try to replace it.

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