Clean air is a necessity in order for all living things to thrive and survive. For human beings, this is very important requirement so that all bodily functions will be achieved. But for everyone's information clean air is not only required by living things but also by mechanical creations like vehicles.

All vehicles are composed of complex mechanisms that work together in achieving the purpose that they are made for. A vital set of gadgets that make up the car is the intake system which is in charge of maximizing the velocity of the air going to the combustion chamber for an efficient burning up of fuel. As a system, the intake is made up of several parts — air filter, mass flow sensor and the throttle body. Each of these has its own function for the effective engine combustion.

The air filter specifically is concerned with bringing in clean air to be used in the combustion process. The air filter helps to remove substances like dust, pollen and dirt from the air that could damage other engine parts. Without this car device you can expect your pistons, cylinders and walls to be easily damaged. But aside from being used in the intake system, the air filter also helps the gas compressors, diving air compressors and the ventilation systems.

Air filters come in various designs and are produced using different materials. Most of the automotive air filters that can be acquired in the market today are produced out of disposable, pleated-paper and fibrous materials. Majority of the air filters with this kind of construction are very inexpensive; the drawback however in the air filter with this kind of construction is that the screening ability is sacrificed. Some other air filters that provide excellent filtering ability are those made of foam, synthetics and cotton. These air filters have high rate for cleaning up the air before it goes on to the combustion chamber.

A highly functional air filter means minus headache for you so just be sure to keep it in good shape. Regular cleaning of it is a must especially if you frequently drive in rough and dusty roads. But if you notice a difference in the way your car performs, you can check under its hood, maybe the root of the problem is the air filter. Having your Lexus air filter replaced is not that expensive. And with an online car parts provider like Parts Train, you can easily acquire the filter suited for your Lexus vehicle. We have a variety of Lexus air filter made available for all customers.