All automobile owners want their vehicle to be performing at its best at all times. What some do not know is that a perfectly working intake system is critical to get the optimal performance of the car. And to have that kind of intake system, it is important to have a high-performing air filter which is crucial for the breathing of the engine. A superior quality air filter increases power, prolongs engine life and improves fuel economy. Like any person, when one can breathe better then you feel better and is able to perform better. The same goes for your vehicle which becomes more efficient and powerful with an increased airflow to the engine.

The engine requires and needs the correct mixture of fuel and air in order for it to operate. It does not just need simply the correct amount of air and fuel but it requires clean and unadulterated air. It is the function of the air filter to screen out contaminants like pollen, dust and others so it does not get to enter the engine. The air filter separates particles that will be harmful to the engine parts like walls, pistons, cylinders and piston rings and may possibly cause oil contamination and mechanical wear. The air filter even cleans the air that gets in the crankcase for ventilation. And also works as a silencer for the vehicle's intake system and in keeping contaminants away from the airflow sensor.

All the air that gets into the system does it by passing through the air filter. The kind of air filter depends on whether the vehicle is carbureted or fuel injected. Carbureted vehicle uses a cylindrical air filter or radical style of air filter while fuel injected vehicles usually use the pleated paper filter in the form of a flat panel. There are different materials used for combustion air filters: pleated paper, foam, cotton and oil bath. The paper filter is efficient, cheap and disposable that is why it is commonly used. The cotton is commonly used as replacement air filter. Before the paper filter came out, the oil bath air filters were commonly used.

When you feed your engine cleaner air it operates more efficiently. High-flow air filters increase your engine's horsepower, torque and fuel economy by letting it breathe-in more performance-enhancing oxygen. Driving with a dirty or clogged air filter can lessen the trucks gas mileage. It can also affect other parts to perform poorly and inefficiently like the emission control system which is responsible for adjusting the air and fuel mixture. For high quality Land Rover Range Rover Air Filter then go to Parts Train where you can get great deals and discounts.