Combustion is a necessary process in order to fire up the engine and make the vehicle run. This process takes place in the combustion chamber that is located inside the internal combustion chamber. Another basic requirement for the effective burning up of fuel is air and not just any kind of air because the process needs clean air. Dirty air is harmful to people's health and this is also true of your combustion engine. If the air used in combustion contains all kinds of contaminants it will not be hard to reason out why your engine acts weird and breaks down. In order to avoid such thing from happening, you need to make sure that the air taken in by the engine is clean.

You may wonder how you will be able to accomplish this. Since it will not be practical if you will have to do the screening yourself, you need to have a material that will do the job for you. The air filter is the perfect item to remove solid particulates like dust, pollen, dirt and other harmful elements from the air before it enters the engine compartment. If you don't install an air filter in the car's intake system you can expect that some of the engine parts will certainly get clogged. The air filter is not solely used for the internal combustion engine but also on other parts that require quality and clean air like the gas compressors, diving air compressors as well as ventilation systems.

The efficiency of the air filter that you install in your car will depend largely on the kind of material it is made and also on its design. Air filters are produced using paper, form or cotton. Being of different nature and characteristics, the air filter produced out of each type varies greatly in their performance and efficiency. Each of them provides some advantages and disadvantages. The filter made out of per for example does not cost mush and can be easily disposed of; however it does not offer good air-flow. The foam on the hand is better than the paper since air can flow more freely through it but it retains all the dirt that passes through it. Now cotton is said to be the best choice of air filters because it does not only provide excellent air flow but great filtration ability as well.

All cars need to have efficient and effective air filter for a good engine performance. Replacement of the air filter is a must particularly for off-road vehicles like the Land Rover, which is prone to dust and dirt. Parts Train can help you in this department because we carry a wide selection of Land Rover air filter. You will really benefit from our durable products and budget-friendly prices.