The Kia Sorento lives up to every motorists dream. The vehicle is equipped with a crisp exterior and comfortable cabin that provides you a pleasurable driving experience. It features a body frame similar to truck that offers a level of ruggedness not usually found on crossover SUVs. The high quality and dependable features and accessories of the Sorento offer above average off road and towing ability. With top of the line engine system, you are sure to get top quality horsepower and torque. Make sure though that all components that help in achieving efficient engine performance is in top shape at all times. Among these components is the air filter.

A top quality air filter is vital in your Kia Sorento ride to keep the engine supplied with clean fresh air all the time. As the internal combustion engine needs accurate air and fuel ratio, your Kia Sorento air filter will make sure that the right amount of air is delivered. What the air filter actually does is trap in dirt, dust and other elements that come with the air. This is done to keep these elements from contaminating the engine. The air filter is usually enclosed in a black plastic housing near the center top of the engine. Designed from top of the line materials, air filter guarantee long service life. Proper care and upkeep though is vital to extend the service life of the part.

Because the efficient service of your Kia Sorento air filter has a significant effect on engine life and performance, regular replacement interval is essential. Have your air filter inspected every three months and replaced once or twice a year or every 12,000 miles to ensure efficient filtering capability. A clogged air filter will cause poor engine performance that may lead to fuel wastage and shortened engine life. It will also cause wear and damage to the other engine components. Direct fit and top of the line air filter replacements are conveniently available in the market. Finding the one that fits best with your car is easy and hassle-free if you do it online.

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