Finding ways on how to prolong the life of your much-loved Kia? Well, there are a lot of ways on how to extend its life. In the market, there are auto contraptions which you can add to your Kia for it not to go through early wear and tear. Car covers, bug shields, bumper guards, and car bras are some of those. For your Kia components like your Kia engine, only a properly working Kia air filter can lengthen its existence. A perfectly working Kia air filter keeps your engine free from dirt which can reduce its efficiency but a defective Kia air filter can be a ground to your engine's early deterioration.

Your Kia air filter is an essential component of your car's intake system. It is the reason why your engine breathes. The engine, to be able to function well, needs an appropriate amount of fuel/air mixture, and the air that goes into the intake system enters through the air filter first. But before it enters the system, the air filter ensures that dirt, dust and other foreign elements that may cause engine damage are filtered out. Aside from that, the air filter also keeps contaminants off the airflow sensor and cleans the air entering the crankcase for its better ventilation.

The air filter is a pleated paper component that is arranged on a metal or plastic frame seated in an air filter holder. It can also be made out of a cotton or fabric-like material. The air filter comes in two kinds: the radial style and the panel style. Most fuel-injected vehicles used the panel type air filter while carbureted cars used the radial style air filter. Now, because of those tasks, your Kia air filter will surely come to an end. Over time, it plugs up so it loses its capacity to serve its function.

So the question is, when should you replace your Kia air filter? Regardless of how dirty your air filter looks, it needs to be replaced once a year. Dusty or dirty driving situations require frequent air filter replacements. Changing it is not a hard task to do, just make sure to turn off your engine before getting into the job. But if you think you can't do the replacing of your air filter, you can seek help from a professional mechanic to have it changed. And for your replacement Kia air filter, you can always count on Parts Train. Simply browse Parts Train's online catalog and in no time, you can locate your needed Kia air filter.